The project SafeJourney aims to prevent irregular migration through an information campaign that targets local communities.
Since 2001, Progettomondo works in Morocco to support the promotion and protection
of the most vulnerable categories, starting with the migrants, whether they just came back, are in transit, or looking for a residence permit. In recent years, Moroccan society has been through profound changes that have reshaped its presence in the context of migration. Considered for a long-time a country of emigration and transit for migrants from sub-Saharan countries, today Morocco represents, for the latter, a true land of welcome and the final stage of a journey that began several kilometers before.

In this context, Progettomondo started SafeJouney, an information campaign to outreach local communities in the regions of Beni Mellal-Khenifra, Casablanca-Settat, Tanger-Tétouan-Al-Hoceima, and Marrakech-Safi, on the thematic of irregular migration and the multiple risks associated with travel. The campaign will provide potential migrants with real and concrete information on legal migration opportunities, helping them to shape their critical thinking and to make a conscious migration journey.

“Since our early activities, we started to listen to the stories of sub-Saharan migrants that, despite all the difficulties, keep hoping and dreaming their arrival to Europe, without having a real-life project”, says Concetta Mannino, the cooperation and project manager. “Many of them stay in Morocco for several years, waiting the right moment to cross the border, in precarious living conditions, often without even considering the possibility of staying, of regularizing their situation and of being able to build their own life here in a life worthy way, by becoming rights holders. Starting from the belief that every human being should be free to move regardless of his birth country, of his basic socio-economic conditions and according to the reasons that each considers being more useful for his own human and professional growth, we believe that this should be done in a safe environment and aware of the different opportunities available. Unfortunately, this representation is often encouraged by migrants who do not dare to tell the atrocities suffered during the journey and the challenges they faced during the long journey of integration into the new host society. It is important to understand that this representation does not correspond to the reality that still many people find themselves living into, after having achieved the territorial objective. On the other hand, we cannot ignore the objective statistics of people who have died in the Mediterranean (more than 33,000, from 2014 to today) “.

The project, co-financed by the European Union, will also carry out awareness-raising activities in schools and specific Moroccan areas with migration issues, and by promoting opportunities for legal mobility, training, and employment for those who decide to stay in their own country.

The campaign will be promoted and conveyed online, on the social channels of @safejourneymaroc, and on the website, with news, services, and testimonies to stay up to date.

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