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Last Thursday, 24 March, the third performance of the play ”Clandestin” was staged at the Espace Culturel et Artistique Riad Sultan in Tangier.

This time, the ‘Mawja’ troupe was joined by a young actress who played the role of ‘Amal’, a girl who, like the other characters in the play, has chosen to leave her country by sea to change the course of her life…

The character of Amal makes us think about gender issues and the field of migration. A growing percentage of women decide to leave their country either to improve the well-being and autonomy of their own family or to escape conflict, natural disasters and persecution.

Being a migrant woman is more risky; migrant women may be prevented from working and are often paid less and valued less. Moreover, undocumented migrant women are at greater risk of violence, trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Amal, after a series of events, including the loss of her job and documents, is forced to face the challenges of migration in an unfamiliar country.

It is only with the help of other migrants that she will be able to overcome the challenges, also with many difficulties…

The play was followed by an interactive debate, moderated by the supervisor of the SafeJourney project, with the aim of raising awareness among young people about the risks of irregular migration, encouraging a conscious, responsible and safe migration path. During the debate, young people asked questions about legal migration routes to Europe, as well as professional training opportunities.