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The project SafeJourney continues the prevention of irregular migration through an information campaign to raise awareness among local communities in the regions of Beni Mellal-Khenifra, Casablanca-Settat, Tangier-Tetouan and Marrakech-Safi, on the topic of irregular migration and the multiple risks associated with travel. The campaign will provide potential migrants with real and concrete information on legal migration opportunities, through the construction of one’s critical thinking and the realization of a migration path in full awareness, in this context that ASeS and other Italian entities have started the Before You Go project, a project of accompaniment for Moroccan citizens (men and women) who want to apply for an entry visa to Italy for reasons of work, training or to join a family member who already lives in Italy.

The project is financed by the Italian Government (Ministry of Internal Affairs) and the European Commission and carried out by the non-governmental organization ARCS, in partnership with other Italian entities, among which ASeS, responsible for the project in Morocco; to offer this opportunity between October 2021 and September 2022 of which in this period there will be one or two training sessions for each specialty.

The project offers free vocational training and training in Italian language and society and aims to train 170 people interested in coming to Italy for family reunification or work reasons.

The main training courses offered by the Before You Go project are the following: agroecology course, professional course of life assistant and professional course of cultural mediation.

As for the secondary training, the project offers Italian language courses, civic and financial education courses, gender integration courses, social agriculture courses and a professional insertion course. Participation in the project activities (training and support) is free of charge

Participants will also be supported in the preparation of their visa application, although the project does not cover the costs of the visa application.

To benefit from these courses free of charge, please fill in the following form: