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On 28 January 2022 the non-governmental organization Progettomondo, in collaboration with the Mawja theatre group, staged the play “Clandestine” by Hassan Tabi, addressed to the public at the Maison des Jeunes in Khouribga.

This black comedy, which deals with the subject of irregular migration in a tragic way, tells the story of the journey, suspended between dream and shock, of young Miloud from the Mediterranean to Europe.

The young writer and theatre artist Hassan Tabi has created a show that is capable of cancelling reality in order to lead the audience to undertake the same journey, by boarding the same makeshift boat of the protagonists. In the last scene, the cloud of smoke, the sea, the music and Miloud’s performance took the audience into a whirlwind of emotions, creating a space for meditation and reflection.

The play, and the interactive debate that followed, raised awareness among young people of the risks of irregular migration by encouraging a conscious, responsible and safe migration path. The Mediterranean route remains the most dangerous for people trying to reach Europe from Africa and the number of those who lose their lives at sea is increasing.

The production of this show is part of the SafeJourney project and is part of the activities organized within the Educational Programme, which promotes the inclusion of young people in Moroccan society, reinforces their knowledge and informs them about legal alternatives to irregular migration. Theatre thus becomes a pedagogical tool that can encourage adolescents to develop their ability to critically analyze desires and expectations regarding migration.

About Hassan Tabi and the Mawja troupe:

Hassan Tabi is a theatre artist and civilian actor, active in the field of street arts with an artistic experience of about ten years. He has participated in many theatrical works in the theatre and street theatre. Since 2019, he has founded the animation company MAWJA. The MAWJA team works in the field of theatre, cultural animation and street arts has a collection of artworks and has participated in several festivals and

theatrical events. Currently, the troupe is working on the project ‘Street Art Caravan’, which will present numerous street art performances in different public spaces and squares in the city of Khouribga.

During the writing phase of the play ‘Clandestin’, Hassan conducted field research to better understand the general aspects of the migration phenomenon and the risks associated with irregular migration in Morocco and abroad.

While working on the show ‘Clandestin’, Hassan Tabi and the Mawja troupe developed a strong interest in the subject of migration. Through the sessions and workshops scheduled in preparation for the show, the Mawja troupe worked to simulate the reality experienced by immigrants in their different legal statuses.